» About Regional Innovative Technologies Academy (R.I.T.A.)
About Regional Innovative Technologies Academy (R.I.T.A.)
The Regional Innovative Technologies Academy (R.I.T.A.) established in 2003.

Main fields of activity of R.I.T.A. are
• Consulting
• Project Management cources
• E-government training courses
• IT Training
• Software development
• Optimization and control
• System analysis
• Mathematical modeling
• Management and information processing

Director of R.I.T.A. Dr. Tofig Babayev was ICT&FET NCP of HORIZON2020 in Azerbaijan from 2014 till 2018. Today T. Babayev is Legal and Financial Aspects NCP HORIZON 2020 and EU expert of «HDM Initiatives" and " EU4Digital" (expert of EU4Digital: eTrade/eLogisticNetwork of EaP).

The team of company brings together mathematicians, physicists and specialists with experience in solving problems in mechanical engineering and aviation, proposing solutions for high-technology problems.
The Academy renders consulting services and supports participation of local organizations and institutions in EC projects, carries out trainings, workshops and presentations on HORIZON2020 both in Baku and regions of Azerbaijan.
R.I.T.A.’s experienced staffs (including certified specialists of IPMA) have been taking part in implementation of more than 10 international UNESCO/UNDP projects and 9 projects under EC Framework Programmes since 2003. R.I.T.A has created a database, containing information about most of Scientific Institutions and specialists, has good contacts with most regions of Azerbaijan and this gives the opportunity to broaden its activity on the dissemination of information about EC Framework Programmes.
R.I.T.A. has close contacts with governmental authorities and policy makers in research, development and innovation, including the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies, the Ministry of Economy and Industry, Ministry of Education and all major universities of Azerbaijan.
At present, R.I.T.A. maintains relations with 39 research organisations of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS) and is the basic organisation rendering consulting services to them in the area of HORIZON2020.
R.I.T.A. is a coordinator of EU Digital Single Market (HDM) initiatives in Azerbaijan and is a member of Central-Eastern European Digital Business Alliance (CEE DBA).

R.I.T.A. has wide experience in organization of international events: forums, workshops and trainings.

Latest projects within EC Framework Programmes:
EXTEND – "Extending ICT research co-operation between the European Union, Eastern Europe and the Southern Caucasus” (2009-2011)

PICTURE - "Policy dialogue in ICT to an Upper level for Reinforced EU-EECA Cooperation” ( 2011- 2014)

IDEALIST 2011 - "Trans-national cooperation among ICT NCPs” (2008-2011)
IDEALIST 2014 - "Trans-national cooperation among ICT NCPs” (2011-2014)
IDEALIST 2018 - "Trans-national cooperation among ICT NCPs” (2014-2018)
IDEALIST 2020 - "Trans-national cooperation among ICT NCPs” (2019-2020)

EAST-Horizon - "Fostering Dialogue and Cooperation between the EU and EECA in the HORIZON 2020 perspective" (2014-2016)

EECA-2-Horizon - "Bringing the EU‐EECA cooperation and policy dialogue in ICT in the HORIZON2020 era” (2014-2016)

Within the framework of the EU Eastern Partnership program, T. Babayev as an EU4Digital expert conducted DESI (The Digital Economy and Society Index) and DTС (Digital Transport Corridors ) surveys on eTrade, e-logistics and Digital Transport Corridors under the Harmonization of Digital Markets (HDM) project in 2017–2019.dle templates freefilm online
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New Partners
Regional Innovative Texnologiyaları Akademiyası (R.I.T.A.) Avropa Komissiyasının NEM Initiative (New European Media Initiative) Texnoloji Platformasının səfiri seçilmişdir.

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