» EXTEND Consultation workshop, 22 April 2010
EXTEND Consultation workshop, 22 April 2010
EXTEND project involving 6 partners from the EECA countries aims to contribute to the shaping of EU ICT research policy in the region, in a way that meets the interests and actual needs of regional ICT stakeholders. So EXTEND envisaged to develop recommendations on common ICT research priorities proposed for co-operation between the EU and the Eastern Europe countries for the period 2010-2015 following consultation with key ICT research stakeholders.

Consultation includes conducting of survey with the view of preliminary determination of ICT research priorities and holding the Consultation Workshop aiming to determine the final research priorities in ICT domain for each country.

The Consultation Workshop in Baku was held on 22 April 2010 by Regional Innovative Technologies Academy (R.I.T.A.), partner of EXTEND project in Azerbaijan. Among 35 participants attended the Workshop there were 27 scientists and experts representing research organizations, universities, ministries, SMEs and NGOs functioning in ICT field in Azerbaijan. The Workshop was moderated by Dr. Babayev, Director of  R.I.T.A., NCP ICT in Azerbaijan with the support of Mr. Raphael Koumeri, Director of Brussels Office of  PLANET S.A (Greece), coordinator of the EXTEND project; Dr. Konstantinos Samiotis, Managing Consultant  of PLANET S.A. As the guests Dr. Tatyana Lyadnova, NCP ICT in Belarus, representative of BELISA, partner of the project in Belarus, Prof. Siyavush Azakov, head of  National Information Point of FP7 in Azerbaijan and one of the venerable scientists in ICT field in Azerbaijan, Director of Cybernetics Institute of ANAS Academician Telman Aliyev took part.

Dr. Babayev presented results of the preliminary consultations carried out with participated experts during 2 months before Consultation Workshop. Experts discussed information presented by Dr. Babayev and after some changes approved the following list of ICT R&D fields which had been  pointed by experts as having high future potential:
- Internet of Services, Software & Virtualization
- Language Based Interaction
- Computing Systems
- Digital Libraries and Digital Preservation
- Technology-Enhanced Learning
- Intelligent Information Management
- ICT and Ageing

The experts were requested to verify the initial selection through a voting procedure according to the methodology proposed by EXTEND and  determine the final list of ICT research priorities for Azerbaijan for 2010-2015 years.

The final list was determined as follows:
- Internet of Services, Software & virtualization
- Language Based Interaction
- Computing Systems
- Digital libraries and digital preservation
- Technology-Enhanced Learning
- Intelligent information management
- ICT and Ageing
- ICT for Governance and Policy Modeling

Additional research priorities had been proposed as well:
- Environmental protection
- Mobile communication systems
- ICT in space research and industry

For holding the Consultation process in whole and particularly the Consultation Workshop on high level the considerable preliminary work was done.

"Consultation Document - Azerbaijan" had been worked out.
"Consultation Document - Azerbaijan" consisting of 6 sections. 4 of them are common for all partners and consist of key supporting materials including information about purpose of the consultation, , FP7 ICT work-programme and Scoping questionnaire for consultation.

For completing Section 2 of  "Consultation Document - Azerbaijan" concerning current status and national policy in ICT field in Azerbaijan  documents and articles of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences,  ICT Report of Ministry of  Communication and Information Technologies (MCIT), data of State Statistical Committee of Azerbaijan Republic as well as other sources were used. Final version of the Document was endorsed by MCIT.

Section 4 of the Consultation Document (scoping questionnaire) includes names of ICT challenges and objectives both in Azeri and English to prevent misunderstanding because of the translation. After each challenge and objective relevant numbers of pages of ICT Work Program are indicated where everyone (if interested) can find more detailed information about ICT research areas funded in the framework of FP7.

To each of preliminary selected 50 ICT stakeholders besides invitation, Agenda, PO support letter and Consultation Document both in Azeri and English ICT Work Program  2009-2010 had been sent as well.

With the view to embrace all experts and answer all questions it was decided to organize additional Infoday and clarify all related issues.

Additional Infoday was held on 17 March 2010 in Cybernetics Institute of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS). 25 experts participated.

Most of ICT experts invited have already attended R.I.T.A. seminars before when information about FP7, ICT programme, calls and participation rules as well as information about EXTEND project were given and handouts and brochures were distributed. Nevertheless the presentation with detailed information about EXTEND project was made once more. The second presentation was made for clarifying and discussing each question of the Section 4. (Scoping questionnaire) of the Consultation Document.

The bound handbook in Azeri containing all materials concerning the consultation process  had been prepared and distributed among  the Infoday participants.
Azerbaijan experts who participated in Consultation Workshop were highly satisfied with the organization of the event and especially with the participation in consultation process in whole. They appreciated invitation of them as experts for determination of future ICT R&D priorities for Azerbaijan.dle templates freefilm online
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Regional Innovative Technologies Academy (R.I.T.A.) was elected as new NEM Ambassador

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