» » InfoDay on Horizon2020 at the Azerbaijan State Oil Academy
InfoDay on Horizon2020 at the Azerbaijan State Oil Academy
On 18 April 2014, R.I.T.A. held an InfoDay devoted to Horizon2020 at the Azerbaijan State Oil Academy. The InfoDay was attended by 55 participants.
Dr. T. Babayev, Director of R.I.T.A., ICT NCP Azerbaijan, made a presentation on Horizon2020. In the first part of the presentation, information was given on the history and aims of EU framework programs from 1984 to the present. The second part of the presentation was devoted to detailed information on Horizon2020, its structure, main areas and topics. The third part dealt with the participation in the program: search and selection of subjects, preparation of project proposals, evaluation of submitted project proposals, etc.
In particular, an example was given of project proposal preparation by the representative of KIBER LLC Dr. E Sabziyev with the assistance of R.I.T.A. for ICT2013 event in Vilnius and the project Idea by Prof. Azad Bayramov "Development of new class of active materials, acoustoelectric and electroacoustic transducers, new switches and interconnects, non-volatile universal memory based on the polymer hybrid of nano- and microferropiezoelectric composites” in the section Industrial Leadership of Horizon2020.dle templates freefilm online
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