» » IDEALIST 2014 project in Paris on 9-10 November, 2011
IDEALIST 2014 project in Paris on 9-10 November, 2011
IDEALIST 2014 project in Paris on 9-10 November, 2011 Tofig Babayev, Director of R.I.T.A., NCP ICT Azerbaijan, participated in the following events organized by IDEALIST 2014 project in Paris on 9-10 November, 2011: Trans-national cooperation among National Contact Points and InfoDay devoted to the FP7 CALL.
At the meeting, the participants received comprehensive information on the 6 work programmes of IDEALIST 2014 project to be implemented within the coming 3 years. T. Babayev put forward the proposal of including participation in PCI 2012 International Conference to be held in Baku in September in the 2012 programme of meetings, conferences and trainings. The basic aim of the proposal was to create conditions for active participation of Azerbaijani ICT researchers in the EU Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development.
For this purpose, a special session devoted to the European Union Framework Programme is to be held within the framework of PCI 2012 International Conference, where the following issues will be covered.

1. Information on the potential of EU Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development;
2. Rules of participation in the projects of the Framework Programme;
3. Rules of structuring and writing of projects to be submitted;
4. Information on the projects announced for 2013;
5. Criteria of project evaluation;
6. HORIZON 2020 programme for 2014-2020 etc.

The proposal was accepted and plans were made on preparatory work to be done in case of approval by the organization committee of PCI 2012 International Conference and on invitation of representatives of the EU countries with corresponding materials to Azerbaijan at the expense of IDEALIST 2014 project.dle templates freefilm online
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