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Horizon 2020 Information Day
Horizon 2020 Information Day 
Training: Proposal Writing
1-2 July 2015 , Baku, Azerbaijan

With support of the IncoNet EaP Project (‘STI International Cooperation Network for Eastern Partnership Countries’) two day event – Horizon 2020 Information Event: Climate Action, Energy, Health and Environment organized by the International Relations Office of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS) and Regional İnnovative Technologies Academy (R.I.T.A.), took place in Baku on 1-2 July in Kempinski Badamdar hotel. 
The Horizon 2020 Information Day was devoted to participation in Horizon 2020: objectives and opportunities, applying for funding, validation of participants, new funding opportunities. 
More than 60 scientists and experts of scientific research institutes and organizations of Azerbaijan, whose activity area is connected to research, management and investments in the field of Health, Climate, Environment and Energy, as well as European partners from the Pasteur Institute, the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), Regional Center for Development Information and Science (RCISD-Hungary) and PLANET SA (Greece), participated in the event. 

Based on specific thematic areas, speeches were given by:
Dr.Tofig Babayev (FET& ICT NCP HORIZON2020 in Azerbaijan, the Regional Innovative Technologies Academy),made the report on Azerbaijan’s achievements in FP7 and prospects in Horizon 2020 

The second day of the Event was organized with the support of EAST-HORIZON and EECA-2-Horizon projects and focused on on proposal writing and partner search.

Representative of Planet S.A. (Greece) Dr.Koumeri jointly with Ms.Nikoletta Psalti presented the structure of HORIZON2020, ICT in HORIZON2020, new WorkProgrammes researchers need to be acquainted for proposal writing. 
Dr.T.Babayev and Ms.Khalida Melikova (R.I.T.A.) made presentation on finding appropriate calls using Participant Portal of EC, registration of organization and getting PIC, partner search etc. , answered questions. 
European experts examined ideas proposed by Azerbaijani researchers, pointed out their strengths and weaknesses. As a result of evaluating the following projects were chosen for presenting at Tbilisi HORIZON 2020 InfoDay on 9-11 September 2015

1. Fahrad Pashayev, Institute of Control Systems, ANAS – "Development of a decision support system for monitoring of seismic processes with the use of the robust noise technology for processing of seismic-acoustic signals”

2. Gulchin Abdullayeva, Institute of Control Systems, ANAS – 
a) "Developing the intelligent information decision support system of differential diagnostics and monitoring for poisoning by toxic substances (case study of carbon monoxide poisoning)” and 
b)"Intelligent System of the choice of surgical intervention”

3. Emin Guliyev, Absheron Construction - "Development of online trade platform for supporting trade operations of small and medium enterprises from countries-participants”
4. Farid Samedov, National Aerospace Agency - "Application of modern space technologies for control of a condition and a choice of optimum routes of laying of the main oil and gas pipelines”

And the sixth project (reserve): 
5. Agil Valiyev, Scientific Research Institute on Human Rights,ANAS – "Searching new methods on energy security”

Horizon 2020 Information Day

Horizon 2020 Information Day

Horizon 2020 Information Day

Horizon 2020 Information Day
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