» » 12 November in Kempinski hotel
12 November in Kempinski hotel
12 November in Kempinski hotel

On 12 November more than 70 experts from Industry and Research participated to the event held in Kempinski hotel:
20 Europeans from Spain, Ireland, Poland Spain, Lithuania, Italy and France;
50 Experts from Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.
After a short introduction of the cluster activities and the objective of the event, parallel workshops on each Technology Platform/Community were held.
A strong interest has been shown in all 3 areas.
27 experts participated in the NESSI workshop.
20 experts participated in the NEM workshop.
20 experts participated in the HPC workshop.

At the 3 workshops, the main technical aspects were analysed and the participants elaborated an action plan to further enhance the cooperation among the EU and the EECA.
This includes the creation of sub-groups, NEM-EAST and NESSI EAST and for HPC the organization of a workshop in the framework of the project and focusing mainly on HPC, with the keywords: education, end user, industry, platform infrastructure.


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