» » A webinar dedicated to Science Day was held at the Institute of Control Systems
A webinar dedicated to Science Day was held at the Institute of Control Systems
The Institute of Control Systems of ANAS (ISU) hosted a webinar on the topic "Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA): Career Development" of the EU Framework Program for Research and Innovation. The event was attended by the administration of the institute, scientists and specialists, young researchers and invited guests. The event was moderated by Tofig Babayev, Director of R.I.T.A., PhD (Eng), Head of the Foreign Relations and Innovation Department of ICS, Legal & Financial NCP of Horizon 2020.
Opening the webinar, theExecutive Director of ICS, Corresponding Member of ANAS Aminaga Sadigov emphasized the importance of the Science Day and noted the significance of the event dedicated to this remarkable day. According to him, MSCA is of great importance in terms ofexpanding scientific ties towards the integration of Azerbaijan into Europe, and the involvement of researchers in this program, as well as the maximum use of opportunities is beneficial for their career growth. A. Sadigov especially dwelled on the orders of the President on the integration of Azerbaijani science into the world scientific community, expanding international relations and increasing competitiveness.
After that, Tofig Babayev informed the participants about the benefits of participating in MSCA, noting that the program promotes transnational, interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary mobility, allows research centers to accept talented foreign researchers and establish strategic partnerships with leading institutions around the world.
Then Zaur Hasanov, PhD (Eng), NCP for MSCA in Horizon 2020, Head of Department at the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography of ANAS made a presentation on the MSCA program. He informed the participants about the structure, opportunities and achievements of the program. He said that the goal of the program named after the famous scientist Sklodowska-Curie is to educate researchers with a high level of scientific innovation potential who are ready to solve future and emerging problems, and to create knowledge sharing opportunities for them. Pointing out that European scientists are interested in developing this program in terms of integrating science, Hasanov stressed that the main goal of MSCA is to prepare a new generation of creative, entrepreneurial and innovative researchers and improve the quality of research.
Then the speaker answered the questions of the participants, and discussions were held on the topic.
At the end of the event, A. Sadigov congratulated the participants on the upcoming Novruz holiday and the Science Day and wished them success in their future activities.dle templates freefilm online
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