» » IDEALIST2018 ICT NCP Trainings and Plenary Meeting in Brussels
IDEALIST2018 ICT NCP Trainings and Plenary Meeting in Brussels
On 23-26 October 2017, Tofig Babayev, Director of R.I.T.A., EU4Digital: eTrade Network expert, FET& ICT NCP HORIZON2020 and HDM contact person in Azerbaijan, participated in the series of events organized by the project IDEALIST2018 in Brussels, Belgium:

23 October: Joint Health-ICT NCP training
24-25 October: ICT NCP training for WP2018-20
On 26 October, T. Babayev participated in the IDEALIST2018 Plenary Meeting.

In the session, he suggested organizing a mentoring-InfoDay event in Baku in 2018 within the framework of IDEALIST 2018 devoted to experience exchange between NCPs and preliminary evaluation of project ideas of Azerbaijani researchers for WP 2018-2020.

During the discussion of suggestions for the new project IDEALIST2020, he suggested stepping up the support of researchers from 3 countries (that are not Member States or Associated Countries of the EU) and making provisions for additional budget for researchers’ participation in ICT InfoDays and Proposers’s Days.dle templates freefilm online
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